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Our 6th generation of Infrared Ovens are the most advanced tooling heating systems worldwide


Why Novatec

Novatec has been producing Infrared Heating Equipment for a variety of applications including aluminum extrusion industry in the past 25 years.

More than 150 aluminum extruders worldwide have installed our Infrared Heating Equipment so far and have reported dramatic improvement in speed, flexibility and quality of their process and extruded product.

Through its unique, integrated communication system, the company delivers a turnkey solution to increase productivity, reduce energy costs and maximize the Return On Investment through engineering expertise and consultation.

Five methods to justify the Novatec die oven


Reduction in die breakage

The Werner Extrusion Company (Greenville, PA) reports an almost 90% reduction in die breakage since installation of their die oven. Werner reported a die breakage rate (average) of 23 dies per quarter. Since installation of the Novatec oven, it is down to 3 per quarter. Reasons for this are quite simple. Where 99% of all dies broken are reported to happen with the first billet – improperly heated dies are the culprit. Traditional convection die ovens not only under heat dies, they heat them very unevenly. Under heated and unevenly heated dies make incredibly adverse forces during the first billet. The reason we do not see many, if any broken dies after the first billet is the fact that after pushing a billet through a die, that die becomes evenly heated.
Reduction in die pulls

Those customers who keep track of die pulls otherwise known as die failure report back that they see a great reduction of this. Reports show as much as a 90% reduction in die pulls. Example: Futura Industries (Clearfield Utah) prior the installation of the Novatec oven averaged 20 per month. After installation of the oven, this number was reduced to an average of 2.

Energy savings

Our infrared technology is extremely efficient.  We will use less than half the electrical energy to heat dies vs. convection ovens.  Also, since the die is heated properly and evenly, there is now no need to overheat the first several billets just to heat the die.  Over heating of the first billets is not only a waste of energy but it also very hard on the die (bearings), not conducive to good finish quality and can jeopardize the structural properties of the extrusions.

Improved recovery

As mentioned above, we heat dies VERY evenly, see graph. This even heat will reduce runnout (aka rod length) variation. We have all seen the first billet through a die to have a variation of 20 feet, the second billet – 5 feet and the third and remaining billets are even. Again, what is happening here is that the die (by virtue of pushing billets through it) has become evenly heated. If the die had been heated properly in the first place, recovery would indeed be higher.

Improved surface finish of extrusions

The Novatec oven will heat (to 850f) a 16” x 6” die in 90 minutes. This rapid heating reduces die bearing oxide to almost nil. The same die in a convection oven will take at least 6 hours to reach tempurature. Oxidation is a function of both time and temperature – reduce the time part of the equation and the oxide must reduce as well. The infrared oven does not use airflow, as do convection ovens. The airflow associated with convection ovens also damages the die bearings and deposits other oxides and impurities onto the die and die bearing, which, of course, ruins extrusion finish.

People are diggin’ it

“By far the best capital improvement we have ever made”
Jeff Bourgoine
Die Shop Manager, Mid-States Aluminum, Fond Du Lac, WI
"These ovens have enabled us to extrude shapes we never thought possible"
John Restall
Director, Die Engineering & Tooling, Universal Alloy Corporation Canton, GA
“Novatec offers a product far superior in technology and workmanship"
Zane Carpenter
Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Sapa Corporate Office, Chicago, IL