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We enjoy the fact that our customers sell our ovens for us.

25+ years of experience

We are proud to announce the celebration of our 26 Year Anniversary and service to the Aluminum Extrusion Industry Worldwide. Novatec commenced operations in April 1994 and originally limited its target market to the western part of North America. Initially, we marketed our Infrared Heating Technology in Ovens to the Aerospace Industry to heat plastics and composites, the Medical Industry to heat carbon fiber plastics for use in orthotics and the Powder Paint Industry to effectively heat substrates to facilitate the efficient application of powder paint coatings. Other Industries that continue to use our Ovens include, Plastics, Wood, Heat Treating and Waste Disposal.

In 1996 we realized there was a market in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry, where our pioneered Infrared Die Heating Technology could be used by Aluminum Extruders worldwide. Their dies could now be heated in a fast, efficient and uniform manner prior to the extrusion process taking place, resulting in increased production, superior profile finishes and energy consumption savings. Quantum reductions in scrap were also achieved during the extrusion process thereby improving the Extruders profitability. Novatec has always been the leader in Infrared Heating Technology and continues to be so today, as a result of our ongoing proactive Research and Development Program. Our Ovens are robust, our Infrared Heaters are Custom Built to suit our Customers’ needs and our Control Panels and HMI Touch Screen Controls have some benefits and features that are unique to Novatec, thereby adding more value to our superior product and benefitting our Customers.

In late 2018 we launched our new Generation 7 Infrared Die Ovens and these have been very well received in the USA and worldwide. These ovens have fast, efficient and uniform heat up times that are up to 35% quicker than our Infrared competition and four times faster than the traditional convection ovens.


At Novatec we are committed to continuously exceeding the expectations of our Customers by providing superior engineered products, solutions and services.

We want satisfied customers. That’s why your wishes and the question of finding the right heating equipment to suit your needs are our main concern. We are always open to your suggestions and, of course, your criticism.

We see ourselves as a high-tech manufacturer. For us, that means at every stage, from planning right through to delivery, creating a product with care and experience which meets the highest demands possible.

Using cutting–edge software our engineers can thoroughly design, test, and examine every aspect of the customer’s requirements to ensure our solution will create the equipment that will perform to the highest standard.

Vision and Values

At Novatec we are committed to continuously exceeding the expectations of our Customers by providing superior engineered products, solutions and services. We strive for individual and corporate excellence in all that we do and will never compromise on integrity and accountability. We deliver quality products and services that add value for our Customers.

Total Pursuit of Excellence

  • We provide superior quality products and services to our Customers.
  • We pursue individual and corporate excellence in all that we do.

Respect for the Individual

  • We empower employees who participate fully and contribute to Novatec’s success.
  • We believe in the self worth of each individual and base our relationships on mutual trust.

Adding Customer Value

  • We always deliver superior products and services that are beneficial to our Customers.
  • We add value and interact with our Customers in a respectful and professional manner.

Uncompromising Integrity

  • We believe that integrity and accountability must never be compromised.

Committed to Environmental Sustainability


At Novatec, we are committed to being a responsible global citizen by continually optimizing our use of energy and materials.

Our sustainability efforts include energy –savings investments throughout our facility, a 100% materials recycling policy and a focus to reduce indirect material waste.



  • Recycle 100% of raw material produced in our manufacturing process
  • Continuous effort to build  energy efficient equipment
  •  Continuous effort to reduce energy used per production unit
  • Foster a climate that encourages personnel responsibility and commitment of all employees through training and education