Drying and Curing Ovens

The use of drying ovens is an important step in many production processes. Drying helps remove moisture content from coatings and various substrates while also sterilizing a variety of lab equipment and materials. Reduction and control of moisture levels in solid materials through heated drying is a crucial process in the manufacture of many materials. Drying is used across multiple industries for a wide range of applications

Novatec builds high performance drying ovens of multiple sizes and configurations.

Batch ovens and conveyors ovens are both used for drying applications.

  • Multi Zone Heating Control with separate PID Control
  • Ramp-Hold profile heating with up to 8 segments and programs
  • Maximum Temperature 1000F(538C)
  • Fast, Efficient & Uniform Heating
  • Heating elements are designed to prevent radiant influence on the work in process
  • Efficient airflow management system provides maximum temperature uniformity throughout the Oven
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Energy savings up to 20 % vs conventional heating method
  • Programmable Start Up Timer
  • Power monitoring