Aluminum Extrusion

InfraRed Die Ovens

One of the fastest and most effective methods currently used to preheat extrusion dies is the Infrared single die oven.

Novatec Infrared die ovens will bring the die to temperature in less than an hour in most cases while using 20%-30% less energy compared with the existent infrared die ovens on the market.

Our G6 series oven improves production times, produces a superior profile surface finish and is energy efficient.

Novatec’s newly developed DDTC system (Direct Die Temperature Control) provides many advantages over the basic infrared die ovens, controlling precisely the die temperature, not just the air temperature inside the ovens.

Effective control and uniformity of the temperature within the extrusion die guarantees a high –quality extrusion process, leading to improved profitability for our customers.

Infrared Ovens for preheating Bolsters

Although the process of extrusion will generate considerable heat, the bolsters should be preheated before being placed in service.

Preheating will minimize thermal shock and also increase the toughness of the steel, which is higher at press operating temperatures.

In most applications, preheating the bolster will improve the performance of the extrusion die, maintaining the correct thermal gradients during extrusion operations.

Novatec IR ovens are specially designed to uniformly preheat several bolsters at the same time.

Infrared Ovens for preheating Mandrels

Commonly used in horizontal or vertical piercing presses, steel mandrels require preheating up to 500F-600F prior the extrusion process.

Our Novatec designed Mandrel oven allows multiple mandrels to be heated in the same cavity



Novatec offers Custom Human Machine Interface development for your automation requirements. From a turnkey system, to modifications of an existing system, we can meet your needs.

When Novatec is contracted to design a heating process control, you can depend on our multi discipline expertise. From Project conception through to completion, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Advanced PLC , Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition:
  • Recipe Control
  • Process Data Log-Trend History
  • Alarm History-Event History
  • Dashboard-charts/graphs/table
  • Reporting (Up Time/Downtime…)
  • Energy efficiency calculations
Cloud Interconnectivity and Remote Control:
  • Access to the system anywhere using a single browser
  • Email ,Data and Page interface from cell phones, tablets
  • Local/Remote Maintenance-Program Updates
  • 24/7 monitoring

Novatec -Technological Advantages and Increased Benefits

  • Fast, Efficient and Uniform Die Heating
  • Energy savings up to 50% (conventional heating)
  • Die oxidation management
  • Ability to gather and analyze data across heating equipment
  • Ability to integrate into the fast approaching Industry 4.0
  • Lifetime customer technical support
  • Committed to Environmental sustainability
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