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Extrusion Technology – Novatec Process Systems Inc Extrusion Technology – Novatec Process Systems Inc


Of Superior Novatec G5 Infrared Die Ovens.

Safety – Is our first consideration for design and construction

  • Dual thermocouple system with auto shut down.
  • Inline redundant mechanical contactors with auto shut down.
  • Two programmed upper temperature alarm limits with auto shut-down.
  • Emergency stop on both main panel and operator control panel.
  • No slam door design.
  • “Hold” to “start” requires intentional override.
  • FM approved high limit temperature control (not done by PLC).
  • On board air conditioning or forced air cooling systems.

Control Method – A function of both time and temperature

  • No contact thermocouple.
  • Dual thermocouple.
  • PLC has the facility for inputting specific “recipes” for each die size.
  • Linear output control – unique to Novatec. Allows Operator to customize the heating time & output power for different types of dies and profiles, ensuring no die overheating.
  • Not strictly time controlled, much more flexible and won’t ruin an already heated die.
  • Can heat a range of thicknesses.
  • Allows for multiple temperature settings.
  • Allows for multiple stage settings.
  • Long lasting designed heater elements.
  • 15” HMI touch screen remote control & SCADA.
  • Cold die heating & hot die boosting capabilities.
  • Power loss, phase loss & heater loss alarms.
  • Die oxidation management.
  • Ethernet linkable with existing Network.
  • High limit temperature alarm for oven protection.
  • Deviation alarm for die protection.
  • Alarm notification by email and onscreen display.
  • Remote access available for trouble shooting.

Construction – Superior in design with robust construction

  • Designed to outlive the press it serves.
  • Stainless steel construction, outer shell 11Ga & inner liner 16Ga.
  • Heavy duty lid and hinge system.
  • Stainless steel (rigid) die baskets.
  • Stainless mesh gaskets.
  • Longest lasting heater in the market.
  • Heater slides in place from top of the liner.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel basket & protective grid for heaters.
  • Heavy duty electro-mechanical actuators for lid control.
  • Four heater heating system for cold dies & two heater heating system for hot dies.
  • Two Thermocouple redundancy control.

Heating Process – State of the art components and process

  • True black body infrared heaters, not metal sheath.
  • Heaters more dense, with output of 17 watts per sq. inch.
  • Recessed, slide in heaters with top connecting point & extended lifespan.
  • Full lid design on sealed bearings with double tadpole seal, increases heating efficiency.
  • Smart die saddle for better temperature uniformity, results in production of quality profiles.
  • Dual thermocouple control.


Justifying The Purchase of Novatec G5 Infrared Die Ovens.

  1. Reduction in Die Breakage – caused by improperly heated dies.
  2. Reduction in “Die Pulls” (Die failure) – of up to 90%.
  3. Energy Savings – of up to 50%.
  4. Improved Recovery – our efficient, uniform heating of dies reduces the “run out” (rod length) variation.
  5. Improved Profile Surface Finish – as a result of fast heating reducing bearing oxidation to almost nil.
  6. Return on Investment – recouped within 12 months.
  7. Fast, Efficient & Uniform Heating – up to 35% quicker.
  8. Full Lid Design – improves heating efficiency.
  9. Smart Die Saddle – better temperature uniformity, resulting in quality Profiles being extruded.
  10. Limiting Die Exposure in Cavity – reduces die oxidation, thereby increasing dies lifespan.